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Our Story.

Have you ever planned the perfect party for your family and friends, and before everyone dives in to eat, everything looks picture perfect.  All of your love is nestled beneath some aluminum foil - ready to serve. And, everyone is anxiously awaiting you to tell them to grab a plate and eat.  


You give the signal, and they rush in. The food that took you hours to prepare in a matter of minutes looks like a hurricane hit it. The aluminum foil used to keep the food warm lays half over the food and half on the table, and the flies, who want a taste too, are casing the pan. 

The once white tablecloth looks like abstract art from the food dripping off the crinkled foil.  You stand back and look at the delicious mess and shrug it off as another typical party with a bit of food chaos. 

Well, that was my story on numerous occasions.  Until one day, after a party, while observing the aftermath - it came to me.  I had a lightbulb moment. An idea for a perfect lid, and the rest is history. 

QuikLid is the perfect reusable lid for aluminum pans.  It fits snuggly over the pan and is held in place by flanges on each side. You see the food inside, serve from either side, and you can keep the lid open making it easy to serve food while holding a plate or a glass. We made the QuikLid from thick polycarbonate to help keep foods hot or cold, so the first serving is as good as the last serving.

QuikLid is an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean lid that lets people serve food from aluminum foil pans that’s eco-friendly and keeps bugs, fingers, and germs out of the food. 


Pre-Order Your QuikLid Today and Save!

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